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NCIS Fic: Those Three Little Words
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callmedirk wrote in bigblckofcheese
Title: Those Three Little Words
Author: Sara (callmedirk)
Rating: G
Words: 455
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I don't own Tony or anyone affiliated with CBS and the NCIS franchise. I do, however, own Hannah Chandler. Do not use without my permission.
Author's Notes: Something I've been puttering on for awhile. Part of my Reasons Why 'verse. This, in my head, is set during their Junior or Senior year at OSU.

Hannah had never seen, nor heard, Tony nervous. But when he'd called and told her to dress up so he could take her out to dinner, she swore his voice shook. But she'd gone out and bought a new dress, knowing that getting Tony to really dress up meant something was going on.

When she heard the bell, Hannah smoothed the slim column of green silk and opened the door. Tony stood there and his hazel eyes widened. He then smiled and held out a single pink rose.

"You look gorgeous, Han," he said quietly. She beamed and took the rose, twirling it in her fingers for a moment. She took in his dark suit and tie and smiled more.

"Thanks," she said. "You look pretty good yourself. Come in here while I put this in water and grab my purse,"

Tony stood in the hallway fidgeting as he heard the water run in the kitchen for a moment. Hannah reappeared only a minute later, her purse in her hand and a smile on her face. Tony held his arm out and she slipped hers through.

He was a perfect gentleman the entire evening, opening doors and pulling out chairs. They talked and laughed like always, but over dessert, Hannah saw Tony's eyes grow solemn.

"Tony? You're suddenly very quiet. Are you okay? Did I say something?"

"What?" Tony shook his head. "No, Han, you didn't. I'm just thinking, that's all,"

She reached across the table to cover his hand with hers.

"About what?" she asked. "Talk to me,"

He turned her hand over to link their fingers and she could see his hand tremble.

"Hannah, I--" Tony's voice grew soft. "I love you."

Her gray eyes widened. He bit the inside of his cheek and felt his stomach creep into his throat as she said nothing in reply. Then, a brilliant smile lit her face and she leaned forward.

"I love you too," she said.

Tony smiled and reached out to touch her cheek, trailing his fingers down the soft skin. Hannah turned her cheek into the palm of his hand and smiled back at him. His eyes were shining. He stood and helped her from the chair and she slid her hand into his as they headed outside.

The night had turned cool and she had no coat or wrap with her. Tony slipped his jacket off and put it around her shoulders. Hannah smiled as she then reached out and pulled his arm around her. He spun her around and took her into his embrace. He watched as her eyes fluttered shut, and then his own did and their lips met in their first real kiss as something more than—something.


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