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NCIS/SPN Ficlet: Doubtful (1/?)
keith//fresno '09
callmedirk wrote in bigblckofcheese
Title: Doubtful (1/?)
Author: Sara (callmedirk)
Fandom: NCIS/Supernatural
Rating: G
Characters: Dean Winchester, Abby Sciuto, Sam Winchester, mention of Jethro Gibbs.
Word Count: 168
Spoilers: If any, mild ones for NCIS Ep 2.3 (Vanished)
Warnings: None

The raspy female voice filled the motel room as Sam sat in front of the laptop screen, shaking his head. Dean stood beside him, frowning deeply.

"Don't frown at me, Winchester," the voice said. "I can see you, you know,"

Dean rubbed his forehead for a moment.

"Abby, come on," he said. "A UFO?"

"Bite me," Abby said, glowering. "I've never doubted your whole demon hunting slash supernatural beings thing, but I bring up a possible alien---thing, and you get all I don't know on me,"

Her hands flailed on the screen, arms covered with black and white striped tube socks. Dean smirked.

"She's got a point, Dean," Sam piped up. Dean cuffed him on the back of the head.

Abby looked over her shoulder, her black braids swinging side to side. She turned back to the webcam.

"Okay, seriously? That was freakishly Gibbs-like," she said. "Not cool, Dean, not cool."

All she heard was a smothered chuckle and she groaned.

"Sam, I'm so going to kill him."


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