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Original Fic Piece: Fanatic
keith//fresno '09
callmedirk wrote in bigblckofcheese
A little portion of an original fic I've been working on for a year or so. Someday, I might draft it into a real novel. Who knows. Emily is my own creation, and Ben is too, to a certain degree. I've never shown Ben and Emily to anyone but my dear bookofdays, so...yeah. Hee.

Title: Fanatic
Author: Sara (callmedirk)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 284
A/N: Set in my original True Colors universe. And just so you know, Ben is not from the US. Heh. Hence why he knows nothing about b aseball. ;)

As the news scrolled across the bottom of the television screen, Emily let out an angry squawk.

"What!? No! You have got to be kidding!"

She grabbed her orange and black baseball cap off her head and slammed it on the carpet in the living room. The phone interrupted her and she grumbled as she reached for the receiver.

"Hello?" she said grumpily, her voice icy.

"Let me guess, they lost again?" Ben's voice filled her ears.

"Shut it," she said. "Don't start with me, you,"

"Sorry, sorry," he said, chuckling. "Waving the white flag of surrender here. What's going on?"

"Oh nothing, except my catcher is out for the rest of the season!" Emily groused.

"Oh really?" Ben attempted to sound interested, not having a clue as to what she was really talking about.

"Yes, really," Emily complained. "He's already been out for three months after getting smacked in the forehead with a 91 mile an hour fastball, and now we've lost nine games in a row AND one of our team leaders! Damn it, this sucks!"

Ben chuckled again.

"See, and here I thought I had this sweet, tenderhearted writer girlfriend, and then suddenly, she turns into insane, ultimate baseball fanatic, and I'm completely lost. How did I get here?" he laughed.

"You got lost because you guys have no decent baseball team," Emily said matter-of-factly. "So there."

"Let me guess, hon," Ben said. "You're now standing in the living room with your hand on your hip, pouting at the phone."

Glancing down, Emily saw that he'd pegged her perfectly.

"I hate you," she muttered.

She then started to laugh. Ben grinned on his end and she let out a soft breath.


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